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Topeka Podiatrist Talks About How to Care for Your Feet

foot-care-adviceDid you know that your feet mirror your general health?  Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet. While our feet acts as indicators of our health, it is also vital that we begin to practice proper foot care. In this article we will discuss seven foot care methods. Let step right into it:

Routine 1: Make sure to wash your feet every day

Washing your feet everyday with soap and warm water, assist in eliminating bacteria that might be inhabiting there. It is crucial that we do not forget to cleanse   the area between our toes.  After washing your feet the next step would be to wipe your feet gently with a towel.

 Routine 2:  Moisturize your feet-  To attain soft  moisturized feet,  it  is  important that  you  add  lotion or foot cream to  your  feet  nightly. A common cheat for soft feet is to first moisturize your feet then slip on some socks overnight.  This cheat will help to prevent dryness. It is advised that you do not excessively moisturized the areas between   your toes, because this can   lead to the development of toe fungus. In fact, according to some Topeka podiatrist suggest you keep an eye on how much lotion you use on your feet.

Routine 3:  Wear the appropriate footwear – Your feet will stay healthier if you wear correct footwear designed to keep your feet dry, clean and cool. As you begin to approach the  hottest time of the year- summer,  it  is beneficial  to  your pedial  that you begin  to  wear scandals. By  doing this   you are  creating a cool environment for your feet which in  turn minimizes  your  chance of contracting  a  fungal infection.

In the winter seasons, wearing  boots and soft socks, not only keep your feet warm  but prevents  attaining frostbites.

 Routine 4:  Eliminate foot odour– Our feet produce more sweat than the rest of the body  because of this our feet tend to  create  bacteria that  generates  a bad odour.

  • If  you  suffer from sweaty  feet it  is recommended  that  you change  your socks more  By  doing this  you  are eradicating   not only the smell of a sweaty sock but also  the  moist  environment  that the  bacteria  would  continue  to strive in.
  • Bad odour  does not only  linger in our socks  it  can  be present in  our shoes . By keeping your shoes clean  you  are putting a stop  to  bacterial growth.

 Routine 5: Keeping your feet dry–  It  has  been  scientifically proven  that foot fungus tends to grow in moist environments. By making a few changes in  your hygienic practices you can save yourself from having to deal  with unpleasant afflictions. Do the following to keep your feet clean and dry:

  • You can   sprinkle foot  powder in your  different footwear to  keep your feet dry  and clean.

Routine 6: Soak your feet  in  lukewarm water–   While soaking your feet in lukewarm water ,  adding few drops of essential oils , keeps your feet smelling good and soften hard skin.  Soaking  your feet for  an  extended period of time , is beneficial to as it  adds extra hydration.   The  use  of  a foot scrub ,assist in getting rid of dried and dead skin cells. Because the skin on your feet is thicker it  is  extremely  vital  that we practice pedial exfoliation.

(i)The  use of  foot file  or  a pumice stone  are excellent exfoliating tools to use when trying to  get rid of  hardened skin  on  our heels .

(ii)  For  individuals who have  tough callus  the  use  of a callous shaver  will  not  only help  to remove the callus , but prevent it from  getting larger  and limiting the  discomfort. When using a  callous  shaver , it is best  to  gently  move the shaver in  a filing motion .

Routine 7: Shower safely-If you  find yourself showering in a public place ,please  be aware  that  you are at  higher risk of  contracting a nasty foot  fungus. Because showers are typically wet environments, fungus and bacteria tend  to  grow  and strive  in these  temperature. So before you step in for a  good rinse you should  consider  practicing shower safety. Foot doctors from Topeka have been known to treat these conditions.

(i)Wearing flip flops or shower shoes when you shower in public  bathrooms  prevents  your  feet  from  being directly  exposed to  bacteria.

(ii) If the shoe fits wear  it, is not always a  good  idea . For  individuals who  take  part in  different athletics activities , it is  never a  good  idea to  share footwear .  Sharing such foot ware like   your cleats can increase   your   chance of attain   foot infections.